Impact Wealth

What are Impact Wealth Programs?

Impact Wealth means the act of having direction and meaning in life. It involves the development of positive morals, values and ethics.
When people become wealthy spiritually, they demonstrate love and sense of caring for self and others.Majority of us tend to equate material wealth with happiness.

From the time that we are young, we are indirectly taught that having a lot of money should bring some kind of contentment or comfort. But unfortunately, a material
lifestyle is superficial; it may bring you momentary happiness every time you get something new, but you will always be left wanting more.Spiritual wealth is
something much more significant than material wealth. It is the route to pure happiness. But how can a person cultivate a sense of spiritual wealth?
It’s simple enough to become materially wealthy, but spiritual wealth is something different. It takes patience, self-discipline, and strength to become a spiritually wealthy person.

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